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Storm Check in

How did everyone do last night? 

We are still standing here and had no sirens go off.

Hope everyone stayed safe. DH and I have already decided that our next house will have a basement hopefully the market will come back before hell freezes over so that we can make that happen :-) Happy Thursday!  

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Re: Storm Check in

  • Nothing major near us. Hope everyone faired well!
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  • All safe here.  Storms were not so bad in Dacula in my area.  Didn't hit until around midnight.  New babysitter walked home safely about nine but it was getting windy.  Kids slept like rocks through the whole thing.
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  • We had a couple tornado warnings here in Newnan.  Our power was out for about 3 or so hours, and we spent quite a bit of time in the basement.  I finally fell asleep around 2 a.m., and here I am, sitting at work, ready to take on the day.  Hopefully I won't be too tired.  I hope everyone is doing well. 
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  • All good here but it is going to be a LONG day.  I stayed up watching the weather until about 2 am.  Boys went to bed around 11 and a grumpy.
  • Not even sirens here! Last nights was the most minor of the storms from the past few weeks. I stayed up until 1:30 watching it completely pass over metro Atlanta. Praise the Lord!
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  • It was basically a non-event for us in Roswell.  It barely even rained!  Very windy, but otherwise just a normal night for us.
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  • Nothing here - just wind and a little rain.  Mia slept through the whole thing!

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  • Uneventful for us in Marietta except for a random power outage that lasted less than an hour. But I am still a little frazzled by the devastation everywhere else. I keep thinking if that Tuscaloosa tornado hit our house I don't know if we would have made it, especially without a basement. But thanking my lucky stars we are all safe, puts things into perspective. Don't mess with mother nature.
  • I haven't been on in a few weeks because I got deployed up to NC for their tornadoes.  I work for the feds in emergency mgmt so it's getting a bit busy for us right now.  I'm still in NC and the storms are coming through here now but they're not expected to be as severe. 

    I just had to jump on here and make sure you all got through last night's event, and I'm glad to hear you all are safe and well.  Please keep everyone in the impact areas in your thoughts and prayers, the devastation is just unimaginable.

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  • We spent a portion of the night in the basement because there were pretty bad straight-line winds headed for us. If a pine tree hit, it could take out all three bedrooms in one fell swoop. No major damage, though. Just some limbs down.

    I'm eager to hear how my mom's place fared in Sewanee, TN. Murfreesboro is only an hour from her. Hoping that tornados don't like to climb mountains...

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    Thankfully, it seemed to pass us by too.  I heard a few rumbles of thunder around midnight but that was it.  The worst of it was that we decided to sleep in the basement because I was worried about the wind and all the trees near our house.  I now know that DDs realize that not much slumbering happens at slumber parties.  I don't think they fell asleep until after 10. 
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