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Anyone staying up tonight?

I''ll be up.  Anyone want to keep me company?

I'm hoping the storms push north some and skip over Atlanta.  The weather men on the local channels are kinda freaking me out.  They've dedicated 10 pm and later to weather news.

Re: Anyone staying up tonight?

  • I'm staying up.  I'm just too nervous that I couldn't get to the kids in time to move them to the laundry closet.

    I'm have a feeling that they are going to skip over us in Decatur (or at least I'm hoping this is the case).

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  • I'll keep you company! We normally don't go to bed till 1 am anyways. I'm just glad I have DH here to keep an eye on the radar. I might have to take a benadryl tonight to help me with my anxiety.
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  • Danielle I am going to try. The battery on my laptop is out of juice and I don't have a fancy Iphone. We are sleeping in our little closet under the steps tonight. We are in Marietta right on the Kennesaw border by the mountain.
  • I took a nap this afternoon when the boys did knowing I'd be up tonight. I'm hoping by the time it gets to us in Dacula its not as bad, but having been thru 3 tornado's I'm a bit paranoid and will be up!
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  • Yes, I'll be up down here in Newnan.  Dh prepared the basement for us to run down to if we go under a warning.  All of us are sitting in the living room waiting.  And I'm with Andrea, I have the Benadryl ready for my nerves!
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  • Sitting here with a beer and bumpin'  We went ahead and set up the pack n play and dog bed and flashlights in the basement.  I wanted to go to bed early tonight...
  • I will be here too. Gah. I was thinking no big deal Brian said earlier it would be north of us. He just said I better get the hall bathroom together "just in case" and grabbed Jackson's helmet from outside. :/ Now I am nervous and will not sleep!
  • I'm going to log off and just do radio and TV.  We are in the lowest level of the house but not the basement as of now.  (unfinished)  I'm going to stay up and watch to see if we need to move down a level.

    Seeing the FB from friends in Chattanooga and Alabama breaks my heart.

    Stay safe!!!!

  • Yes.  And it sucks.

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  • Ugh my husband encouraged me to stay up. I went to bed around 10 then he called to wake me up at 11:30 to say it looked like tornadoes were on the radar in our area. I got up at 4:30 today for work and am super tired now. Fortunately we didn't even loose a tree branch.
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