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Does LO use a pillow?

If your LO is in a bed do they use a regular size pillow? Jocelyn is very into snuggling on pillows and has 2 on her bed. She has been in her big girl bed for a week now and since she was in a crib she has used a folded blanket as a "pillow" and we kept doing that in the bed. Today at nap she insisted on using a real pillow for her head and having the other pillow next her. Of course I am paranoid about her suffocating, I just peeked in on her and she is laying normally on her pillow asleep. I assume at this point it is safe for her to use a pillow..right?



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Re: Does LO use a pillow?

  • J uses a full size pillow in his crib and has for probably a year or more now. He also has a quilt, his "blankie & lovey-puppy" and most recently a stuffed puppy has joined the mix (it's getting ridiculous). He's fine & I'm sure she is too :)
  • Keira is still in a crib and has been using a full-sized pillow for about 4 months now. She loves it! She also has 2 blankets in there and half the time I go in and she is under the pillow and laying on the blankets.
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  • Ok. Phew...I have never let her use a pillow before unsupervised and we still use a breathable blanket on her bed (same one we used in the crib), not the actual comforter. She does sleep with several stuffed animals, I was just paranoid since she sleeps on her stomach that she would suffocate.



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  • Maddie has a "nap" pillow, which is probably similar in size to a toddler pillow. She's had it in her crib since she was about 1, but didn't use it every night until she was maybe 2. I need to get her a regular sized pillow, I keep meaning to do it and then I forget.

    I think the suffocation risk goes away when they can roll over easily in both directions, so I'm sure she is fine! If Maddie suffocated, it would be much more likely to happen b/c of the 4,295 stuffed animals and 5 blankets that she insists on keeping with her at all times, lol.

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  • Natalie started with a mini-travel pillow when she was in her crib, around 16 mo. old or so.  When she moved to her twin bed at 17 mo., we gave her a regular pillow. 

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  • Yep, she's used a regular sized pillow since she was about 18 mos old.

    ETA: also in her bed is a fleece blanket, tucked in at the end of the mattress, her stuffed bear, and usually a book or two. :)

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  • Nic uses a pillow pet.  He loves it and has been using it since Christmas.  He also sleeps with 3 blankets.  I wouldn't worry. 
  • Allie's used a pillow since she was 11 months.  Now in her big girl bed, she has 3 pillows.  She's been in her big girl bed over a month now.  She can't sleep without a pillow.
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  • R is still in the crib and she uses a pillow pet as her main pillow and sometimes, she'll use a soft plush pillow that's really for decoration (on her recliner).  She also has about 6-7 stuffed animals/dolls in her crib as well.  Her head doesn't always end up on the pillow though, but it starts out there.

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  • Will is still in his crib but he's had a standard pillow for about 6 months or so now.  No problems.
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