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Post 9-11 GI Bill transfer

Have any of you spouses done this?? I'm having a hard time finding valid information about how the whole thing will work, and my H and I seem to being having a huge communication block right now... I have lots of questions and the education office on our base sucks.

Is the post 9-11 for the enlisted member only intended to be used after retirement (or separation) or transferred to family? Would he still be able to take classes for "free" during his enlistment if he transferred all his post 9-11?

What level of classes will they pay for? Only bachelor level or can you take post-graduate classes?

Is the thirty-six months based on the assumption that you're a 12 c.h. student, or can you take as many credits as you want as long as you stay under the yearly cap? 

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Re: Post 9-11 GI Bill transfer

  • My reup NCO gave us the best scoop.

    The post 9-11 belongs to the SM. It cannot be used as property in the event of a divorce.  SM can use it after they leave the service or some/all can be transferred to bona fide dependent.  I still attend classes on AD.  I have transferred mine to my daughter who will be starting college in 4 years. She may not get all of it now that we have another on the way.  Then again, depending on the amount of effort she puts forth to qualifiy for scholarships, she may not get any at all.  I will not fund her college completely and yes, I AM funding it since I EARNED my GI Bill. 

    Best option is for your sponsor to contact his reenlistment NCO or google it.
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  • Thank you, that helps! H has already applied for it, and I thought I understood the whole thing, but he totally confused me last night when we were talking about it. I googled it, but I was sorting through so much crap, I thought I'd ask here!
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  • I believe the SM has to have at least six years in and four years left on his or her contract. It can be split between dependents and later altered if necessary.
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  • Go to this website it will answer all of your questions.

  • your DH doesn't need to use his GI while on AD...he could use another program called "Tuition Assistance" which will pay for his college while on AD. 
  • You also don't have to wait to transfer it until after he's out - you just have to meet the requirements for transfer eligibility.

    If transferred to a spouse while on AD, you will not get the additional housing/book stipends. If transferred to a child, you will.

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