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Need suggestions!

Our son will be 17 months old when DH deploys. We will also have a newborn in the home. Just wondering what suggestions any of you may have to help DS through this transition. DH is only deploying for a month though. THANK GOD we are so blessed. 

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Re: Need suggestions!

  • NSLNSL member
    There won't be much of a transition if he's only gone for a month. Skype when/if you can, but at 17 months I wouldn't sweat such a short separation. The new baby will probably be the bigger issue. Make sure you have some help at home so your older child still gets one-on-one time with you.
  • Like PP said if it's only a month it won't be that big of a deal.  Just make sure you have Skype so he can physically see the kids and they can see him in return. 
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  •  That's a tdy. But I would use skype a bunch if you can, I bet your 17 month old wont even notice.

    Definetly get help with the newborn though!! :) Hope it flies by for you!

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  • A month long deployment? Do you mean a TDY somewhere?

    For a month I probably wouldn't get any books or a Daddy Doll, but lots of pictures and videos.

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