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Where to shop for maternity clothes

I've done Destination Maternity (combo Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod) - actually been there several times.  It's the same old styles, just in different colors.  I went to Old Navy (the one at Crossroads) yesterday and they had the sorriest selection.  It consisted of maybe 5 styles of shirts and some of the ugliest pants I've ever seen.  I checked Target, but they appear to only offer maternity clothes online.  There's no way I'm buying anything without trying it on first.  Where did everyone shop?


Re: Where to shop for maternity clothes

  • I have always had good luck at Gap (at Triangle Towne Center or Southpoint).  They can be expensive but their clearance rack is awesome- last weekend I bought two nice work shirts and my total was under $25.  Sign up for their emails so you can get coupons and shop when they have deals going on mostly on the weekends.

     I would check another Target.  The 4 or 5 that I have been to in Raleigh have a great maternity clothes selection- I bought 2 dresses and 2 work shirts from Target and they are good quality.

     Hope that helps!

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  • I always had good luck with Ann Taylor Loft maternity section and Gap maternity.  Also, like pp, I've found some good items at Target stores.

    Maybe try Kohl's too.  They have a small selection but might have some good finds.

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  • I got most of mine at Kohl's. They have a line by Motherhood that I liked, including the "secret fit" panel pants. They always have great sales, so I didn't have to spend a ton.

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  • I found a bunch of clothes at JCP. GL
  • All of my clothes came from Target or Motherhood at Triangle Town Center. My local Super Target has a pretty good selection of clothes. Once I knew my size at Motherhood I took advantage of their online sales as well. This time around I got clothes at consignment sales and borrowed from friends since I needed warm weather clothes and didn't have any.



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  • I shop/shopped at Motherhood, Old Navy (mostly online, since in-store selection is slim), and Target. Good luck!

  • I got everything from Old Navy.  It's all online.  They say you have to return via mail which sounds like an inconvenience considering youhave to take a wild guess on whether it's a quality items or not...but I was able to return in store both times.  I just purchased like 12 items at once and ended up returning 5 of them, then again I ordered 6 items and returned three.  Reading the reviews helps when ordering as far as if it runs big, if the fabric is not as expected or etc.  I really like my clothes that I bought.
  • I shopped Loft, Gap, Target, Old Navy and Destination. Had decent luck with all, depending on what I was looking for. I would check different store locations for things. For instance, the Old Navy at Beaver Creek Commons in Apex had a good selection, IMO, but those at other stores weren't so great.

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  • Do you have any nice consignment shops around you?  We have one in Wilmington that has an awesome maternity selection.  You might be surprised what you find.  It certainly made me feel better knowing I wasn't spending a ton of money on clothes I'd wear a few months.

    But, I would also shop at JcP, Motherhood Maternity, Target and order online from ON.  But, the two pair of shorts I bought from ON were huge!  Thank God I was carrying twins, cause I finally fit into them, eventually.  ;) 

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  • Thanks everyone!  Lots of good suggestions.  I never thought about JCP.
  • I was just at Super Target in WF today and they had ALL their maternity clothes on clearance.



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