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Miracle diaper rash concoction??

My usual tricks and products aren't working. What is the product combo that ya'll use for almost bloody diaper rash? Sorry for the bad visual, but it is really bad.
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Re: Miracle diaper rash concoction??

  • Have you tried Malox?  You put a little on a cotton ball and then dab on the rash.  That and Triple Paste always work best for us.  Hope your little one feels better soon!!
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  • Triple Paste has always worked for us.
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  • I use malox (put on cotton ball and just apply everywhere) and then put on cornstarch baby powder while the malox is still wet.  It basically sort of sticks to it.  This usually works for me in hours.
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  • Lotramin and cortisone mixed together spread in a thin layer over the rash. Colin had chronic raah and this would give relief very quickly and got rid of the rash completely, faster than other remedies I tried. 
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  • We use calmoseptine.  The sell it behind the counter at pharmacies--we were first introduced to it at CHOA and it works like a charm.
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