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DS2 is here!

Some of you may have already seen on FB but...

DS2 made his appearance.  Nathaniel "Nate" is doing well and is in the room with us--no NICU!! He was just shy of full term (36w 6d) but is doing great.  Born 4/25 at 6:14am via c section.  I was scheduled to see the chiro (Webster technique) and attempt an ECV this week but my water broke Sunday night/Monday early morning.  He was still breech so I had to have a c section.  He weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.  He looked HUGE compared to DS1!

BFing is a bit challenging but it's getting better.  It's going WAY better than it did with DS1 so I'm hopeful he's going to get the hang of it.  I am having to pump (ugh!) but the lactation people are assuring me this is very temporary and only because he's a "near termer"--that once my milk fully comes in, he'll be a champ.  I am determined to avoid EPing this one!  :)

I am doing OK--was freaked out about the whole c section thing but doing OK.  The procedure itself went well.  I've been in a lot of pain post op but pain meds are helping--just not used to having to be so reliant upon meds to be able to get around.  I'm worried about doing stairs at home, etc but my parents arrived today to help so that's good!

 We are so excited to have him in the room with us and not in the NICU!  AND we will get to take him home with us!!!  When they handed him to us in the OR, DH and I looked at each other and said, "so we just get to have him?!"  :)  It was so wonderful to have him with us and not whisked off to the NICU. 

I'll have to post birth story and pics later.  Off to catch some zzzzzs!



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Re: DS2 is here!

  • Wow--Congrats! Welcome to the world, Nate!

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  • YAY YAY YAY - Many Congrats!
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  • how exciting!!! congrats!!!!
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  • how freaking exciting!! I can't wait to see pics and so glad you have a healthy boy in your hands!!
  • Congratulations! I'm sorry you had to have a c-section, but glad everything is going so well for him.
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  • Yay! Congrats! So excited for you guys
  • Congratulations!  What a relief for no NICU!  Enjoy that new babe!
  • How exciting!!  Can't wait to see pics - Congratulations!!!
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  • Congrats!! so glad that even though he was a little early that he's doing well and gets to stay with u guys and not  go to the NICU!!
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  • Congratulations!  So excited for you all - it must be such a wonderful feeling to have him with you instead of the NICU!
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  • Congratulations!!! I'm so glad things are going well for you. Welcome to the world Nate! Can't wait for pics!
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  • YAY!! I'm so relieved all went well and he doesn't have to spend any time in the NICU!  I hope your c/s recovery is quick.  Can't wait to see photos. :)
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  • Awesome!! Congrats, and welcome to the world, Nathaniel!!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!  I am so excited he didn't have to be in the NICU and you get to take him home with you, how wonderful!  GL with your recovery and BF'ing, I'm sure he'll be nursing away in no time.  I hear ya on the not wanting to EP again :)

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  • How very exciting!  I am so happy for you that you get to have a normal non-NICU experience this time :)
    My sweet boy :)
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  • Yay - congrats again!  I'm so, so glad you get to have him in the room and bring him home with you!  I was wondering if ended up with a c/s, since you hadn't posted about him turning.  Glad things are going well.  I can't wait to see pictures!
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  • Congratulations and welcome Nate!!
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  • Aw, congratulations!  I can't wait to see pictures of him.  I love that he didn't have to go to the NICU!  :)  It'll be great to have another Nate on the board.  Let me tell you though, Nates are a handful!  ;)

  • Congrats!  So glad you are both doing well!

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    My Sweet Girls

  • Congrats and welcome to the world Nate!
    Our little flower

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  • That's so wonderful!  A huge congratulations on everything, Mommy!  And best wishes that BFing will go great this time for you. :)
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  • Congrats!!! So exciting! Can't wait for pictures :)
  • Congrats!! I'm so glad he is healthy and can go home with you with no NICU time! Sorry about the c/s.  Definitely take it easy on the stairs and for your first few days at home try and avoid them at all cost. If you have help use it---and stay either up or down and have someone bring you meals etc. Overdoing it on stairs does cause extra pain and can add to recovery time.  Can't wait to see pics!!
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  • Congrats!
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  • Oh wow!  Congrats!  I'm so glad Nate is in the world safe and sound!  That is wonderful he is able to stay with you guys and avoid the NICU!  I hope you get some rest.  I can't wait to see pics. 
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  • I just wanted to add that little Nate must be a trouble maker, arriving just 1 day shy of full term! :)  I hope bf-ing gets better for you soon - fingers crossed that he is soon nursing like a champ!  Keep us posted!
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  • That is awesome news!!! So glad you didn't have to do any NICU time this time around and that you won't have to EP!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

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