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Okay I am new here and I have some questions. First, here is my history, when I was 17 I had my right ovary and fallopian tube removed because of a cyst the size of a basketball, a month and a half after the surgery I got pregnant, my son I 4 now. In 2008 I had and ectopic pregnancy in my remaining tube, they slit my tube open removed the pregnancy and sewed it back up after that I had a hysterosalpingogram which showed that my tube was blocked with scare tissue.

Present: I?m on birth control to prevent cyst, ive made appointments with a infertility specialist to possibly have a surgery to correct the scare tissue in my tube. I have PCOS and I am scared once the sugery is over with and I am able to start trying, im afraid that because I am off my birth control more cyst will grow preventing pregnancy or the loss of a pregnancy and will have to deal with another ectopic. Does anyone know of medication besides birth control they use to prevent cyst from growing im just really scared dealing with the ectopic pregnancy was so hard on me.

ps~ any helpful, inspirational info you might have will be greatly appriciated  

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  • I am not sure of any medications, but I just wanted to say welcome and good luck with everything.
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  • Hello...I also have PCOS.  Obviously you already made the right decision in making an appointment with an RE.  Do you have a history of having problems with cysts?  Sure as part of PCOS I have many cysts during cycles but for me they have never been anything that has created an issue.  I do not ovulate on my own though which is why I couldn't get pg.  I also had a problem with injectable meds because of the PCOS they said...I just created too many eggs and increased chance of high order multiples.  But going off the pill to do treatment cycles has never been an issue for me.  At an RE they will monitor you throughout your cycle so you will know what is going on in there.  I do not think that there is any other medication for you to take to prevent cysts as that would go against the meds they would be giving you to get pregnant you know?  Trust your Dr...I am sure they will do what is best for you. 

    Best of luck!!!

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