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Delaying bedtime.

She's finally started this. Luckily she's still in the crib so she can't escape. But she keeps saying she has to potty, and when I take her, nothing, of course! So I just put her back down and she's in there crying hysterically because she "wants to go peepee". This has happened the past few nights. How long does it last? :op
Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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Re: Delaying bedtime.

  • Ridge turns 4 in a little over a week and has only developed better excuses not to go to bed.  It is at least 8:30 if not 8:45 before they are both down. :(
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  • John will still go to the bathroom multiple time before bedtime. that and he needs a drink or his blanket is not laid out right or he cant find a friend.  sometimes he delays less than others

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  • Colin tells us what we want to hear too....

    He has to go pee, poop (which he still won't do in the potty)

    He needs milk (which he has at dinner)

    ::fake cough:: I'm sick

    Needs another book

    He's scared of the closet monsters

    The list goes on.

    When he was in the crib the last few weeks I'd just let him cry. It's harder to deal with in the bed when he can get out, but he stays in there for the most part. I have a feeling this phase doesn't end, just gets more 'creative'.  


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  • I'm afriad you're just in the beginning :)  The excuses just get more elaborate as time goes on.
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  • Usually Addison tells me she has to poop.  I was complying and letting her go but when we would sit there for 15 min and there would be nothing I finally started telling her no.  Then it was lay down on this pillow, now lay down on that pillow 5 min pleeeeaaasssseee.  Then when I finally leave and everything seems fine she will start crying and screaming.  i will let it go for a few to see if she will stop.  When she doesn't I go up to see why and it is because the shadows scare her (thank you princess and the frog). I give her the 'snow man' night light to glow friend thing to scare them away and leave again.  Last night she just kept on and on.  i went up and as soon as I walked in she smiled and said 'I'm not scared. I just wanted to snuggle' what a manipulator. sigh. 
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    I'm afriad you're just in the beginning :)  The excuses just get more elaborate as time goes on.

    Ditto this. I would love to say it gets better, but I can't. Hailey is what I call the master staller. She pulls out every trick in the book at bedtime. Most nights I can laugh it off, other nights I just sigh and wish I could have a drink. LOL.

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  • ditto Brandi!

    more excuses!!! lol

    And to think i have to do it all again over with

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