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Gym Membership question

So my DH belongs to Gold's Gym downtown and works out at lunch.  When he joined two years ago it was $39.99 plus $10 towel fee (special corporate rate).  This year I guess they changed the prices to $49.99 plus $29.99 towel fee without informing the members.  Is that high?  I think the $29.99 towel fee is ridiculous. He can bring and wash his own towels for that price.

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  • That is RIDICULOUS!! I am a member of lifetime in Johns Creek and their membership for me and Colin is $65 per month and includes the towels and a lot of other amenities. That place is more like a country club and we use the pool in the summer. That pricing for Gold's seems crazy to me.
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  • I agree with Lauren.  We're a member of LifeTime Sugarloaf and for 3 of us we pay $115 and that includes towels and a huge indoor and outdoor pool for the summer, towels etc. If it were just DD and I it would only be $65, $60 for me and $5 for childcare.  
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  • reed pays $25 a month and no towel fee at la fitness.  I go to a 24 hour fitness which is bare bones no classes and no towels, $200 for the year
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  • Ridiculous!!!!

    For that price he should be able to get into one of the fancy downtown gyms like the Buckhead Club or something.

  • Seems high.  Time to shop around.  I know there's no Lifetime near you.  We belonged to Lifetime in Woodstock and I loved it.  Now we are at the Y.  They are building a Lifetime near us at the Prado, but its going to be a Diamond Level club and their fees are ludicrous given that it doesn't really add much to what you already get at a Gold Level club.  
  • Okay.  He figured it out.  They charge a one a year $29.99 fee but on "accident" have been charging it to us each month.  I can't ever keep DH's gym charges straight because his company pays $500 a year towards gym or classes and they divide it up all weird.

    The Gold's is right across the street from his work so I know he doesn't want to change.

  • Yikes that is high. LA Fitness and most other clubs have been dropping their prices over the past couple years.
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