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"Pregnant in Heels"

Have you seen this show on Bravo?  It's crazy!  I can't decide if the soon-to-be moms are more crazy than some of the "mommy IQ" questions that the "mom trainer" thinks soon-to-be mom's should know.  Wow...
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Re: "Pregnant in Heels"

  • Those moms are nuts. 
    From miscarriages, a diagnosis of a bicornuate uterus, and fibroid removal surgery...It's been quite the journey but it was all well worth it. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I've wanted to see this show, but haven't yet.  I would imagine it would be a little crazy!
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  • I've been watching since it started and I have to think some of it is staged for reality TV (like last week with the bride and the dress it seemed very staged).

    I had to laugh at the woman last night wearing the 5 inch heels and trying to close the stroller.




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  • That show is just ridiculous. One couple held a panel discussion with execs and a dinner party to try to decide on their child's name. They ended up choosing what they wanted in the first place, so it was all a waste! So silly!
  • Yeah it cracks me up.

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