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Hubby's coming home! WDYD?

YAY!  My husband is due back from deployment number 2 soon and I am beyond excited and ready to FINALLY share this pregnancy with him in person and NOT via internet! lol 

What special things do you do for your guys when they return home?  I'm thinking of making "Welcome Home Baby Daddy/Daddy to be" signs and baking him a german chocolate cake (his fav. but I don't like)....but would love some other cute ideas--esp. if they are specifically for dad's to be!  :) 

Re: Hubby's coming home! WDYD?

  • Well whatever you do, do not embarrass him by putting "Welcome Home Baby Daddy" on a banner that his co-workers will see.  Just... yeah don't.  As a funny, joke type thing at home?  Go for it, but do him a favor and don't take it with you to the ceremony. 

    I don't do a whole lot when he comes home.  I clean the house top to bottom, usually get a nice outfit to wear to the ceremony, and I plan a meal or two that I know he likes for the first couple of nights until we can make a meal plan together.  A couple of times I've made a small banner to hang up inside the house, but I don't make anything to lug around at the ceremony itself. 

    Other than that, just plan for at least a few low key days at home, unless he says he wants to do something else.     

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  • i second the not bringing a sign to the homecoming. i dont like to have anything in my hands and it is just awkward holding it. I had a professional sign made that is huge and i put it on my garage door or one of our balconies. I also make him a cake. I usually get only a couple hours notice that he is coming home so I dont have time for much. yay for your husband coming home!!

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  • I didn't bring a sign to the actual reunion when he got off the plane but I did have a banner hanging from the front of the house for him when I actually brought him home. will make a vinyl banner for you for free.  All you pay for is the shipping which was super cheap.  You should also check out and see if you can coordinate a photographer to come out with you and photograph your's also a free service.

    Other than that we just played things by ear.  He'll most likely want to just unwind and relax.  My FIL was nice enough to drive past our house and drop off steaks, veggies and champagne in a cooler so we didn't have to think about dinner the first night he was home...we just threw it all on the grill.  I had also stocked the fridge with his favorite beer.

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  • just want to say YAY to you that he is coming home!!!!! Im making my husband a sign to hang up by the gate for when the buses drive in but i dont want to bring on to the homecoming bc ill have enough to hold on to with our 6 month old (he is 6 months now not when daddy comes home) lol Im making a cake too and im decorating our house with more signs. My husband is a huge batman fan so i think the one by the gate will be a batman sign of some sort. Im also getting our son a little set of dress blues to wear to the homecoming. You can do all kinds of stuff for his homecoming from signs to premaking his favorite dinner and freezing it so you dont have to spend a ton of your time with him cooking. you can also rent some movies that he might want to see that came out while he was gone or like for my husband i got him an xbox game he wanted that came out. i'd just think of all the things that he loves and have those things ready for when he comes home! Good luck Hope you have a great homecoming!!! Congrats on the pregnancy and the homecoming!!! semper fi!

  • Thanks y'all!! I def WILL NOT be putting the "baby daddy" sign any place that someone other than us can see (prob just hang it in our house)--for sure not bringing any signs to the flight line either! hehe  For some sad reason they don't do a big ceremony when he comes home, it's just me going out to the flight line with the other wives and then going to the briefings and that's it. 

    He already told me he wants to go get a burrito from Chipotle as soon as he is done for his first meal, which ROCKS b/c that means I prob. don't have to cook! haha 

    I am just so excited that I finally get to have him around for the rest of the pregnancy (got 4 months to go)! 

  • I don't put up a banner outside, but we have a wall with a welcome home poster on it and all sorts of artwork that the kids have worked on while he was gone.  I fill the fridge with his favorite beer.  I buy his favorite icecream and other snacks.  I plan out some of his favorite meals.  I wash up some of the clothes he wears all the time so they smell fresh.  I wash the bedding. 

    I try to keep our calendar clear for the first few days to help him settle in.  If he wants to go do something, that's up to him. 

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  • First of all YAY for homecoming!!!  My husband is due home in July [SUPER EXCITED]  My daughter and I make a sign to put on the house [We use a twin size sheet folded in half]  He likes the signs he says.

    Also I cook his favorite dishes for the first week.  My hubby usually sleeps a lot when he comes home and I give him a lot of space.  I am sure if I was pregnant he would just be making sure I am ok.

    I think for most guys coming home they like the simple things that make "home" special to them.  My husband does ask me to not change the sheets the day before he comes home so that the bed can smell like me.

    You could make him/put together a "Daddy To Be" basket.  I have done this for a number of unit wives who are expecting.

    Good Luck! ;]

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  • My hubby is coming home on leave May 20th (right in time for baby!), and I'm also planning something special.  I'm planning on making a poster/banner to take to the airport with a simple "welcome home/love you" type message.  I also have brand new toiletries for him and am planning on getting him a new pair of house slippers, as well as have a few of his favorite meals planned.  I just want him to know he is loved and I think small simple gestures will probably do it best, at least for my husband :)
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