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BOB stroller owners, help

Bryce HATES the BOB. After just a few minutes he'll start screaming and yesterday was the worse. I've tried toys that did no good. I'm really starting to think it's the way he's sitting in it. Like it's to in a hole but I have no clue to fix that. He's fine in the umbrella stroller and the city select so it's not being in a stroller that he doesn't like. Any suggestions on how to get him over this?
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Re: BOB stroller owners, help

  • I wonder if you can place a rolled towel around him to make him feel more secure. 
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  • I am not helpful at all, but Adam will only ride in the Bob and hated the city select.  The seats are very different and the Bob is like being in a bit of a whole.  Adam tried to get out of every other type of stroller.  For Ansley I bought one of the things that go in a carseat so hopefully it will make her feel more secure when she gets big enough to sit in the seat.
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