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So I have no issues saying I'm not cool.  At all.  I don't even know what is in style anymore.  I realize this.

But I volunteered at our Church nursery for Easter and we had several teens volunteering.  They had these really cool shoes called Toms that looked so comfortable and so me.  And then someone else posted about them on Facebook....I guess they are the latest thing.

But what makes them extra cool is that for every pair you buy they send one to a child in need.  ROCKS!

Re: Toms

  • Love them.  At at certain times during the year, Nordstrom has an event called "Style Your Sole", where artists personalize the shoes by painting on them.
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  • They've been around for awhile. DH has a pair that his brother gave him as groomsman's gift almost 4 years ago. I think they are ugly, except the ones for little kids...those are cute. But I love that they are for such a good cause.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • They are the "it" thing right now. I love the gold Toms.
  • I thought they were ugly for the longest time but now I'm really in to them!  I heart the red and the gold ones!

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  • imageMrs.Naples06:
    I thought they were ugly for the longest time but now I'm really in to them!  I heart the red and the gold ones!

    This. I hated them but they have totally grown on me (and I have heard they are very comfortable) I really want some!

    Grant Thomas 8.8.06 and Reid Alexander 8.11.08
  • I've never been a big Toms fan, although I do love that they donate shoes to those in need. I do LOVE their red wedges for spring and summer though. They are so cute and I want them!
  • I dont have a pair but I want a pair.  They just look so comfy.  But I feel like if I wear them I'll be saying "I give up" on style.  Because they don't look very stylish.  I do like the charitable aspect of them though.  Maybe I can just say I wear them because of that, not because I belong on WNTW. 
  • They have a great selection at Abadaba's in little 5 if you ever want to see them and try on the different styles. I am going to get Jackson the grey ones. I do think they are sweet and what a great cause. 
  • They are very comfortable and I love mine-I have the grey stonewashed, chocolate, pink tye dye and another pair that have writing all over don't know what they're called, but yes amazing and for a good cause, actually just got an email yesterday about a limited edition pair for mothers day that are grey and say "toms love moms" that I ordered-love love love!! I suggest a size or half size smaller than you normally wear because they do stretch out!!
  • come on D....get with the times...hahahaha. time to get R and C and yourself a pair of Toms! I am still trying to find them in sizes for the girls...everywhere is sold out One of my good friends was an artist for the Nordstrom event and painted a pair of mine. They are super will love them....and so will a sweet kiddo in Africa!! :)
  • Love them and DD loves them.  We were at Nordstom's and H picked them out on her own. I didn't even know they made TOMS for kids.  So cute and the charitable aspect is great!
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