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one more time: disney and strollers

i'm sorry to ask again...i didn't save the previous posts :(

but we leave monday and are going to animal kingdom one day and magic kingdom one day.  i think it'd be best for me to have a double stroller since the boys are so little.  but i don't think we can take ours - too big.  so, what do you guys suggest?  how are the ones in the park?  etc? etc? etc?  :)



Re: one more time: disney and strollers

  • I just got back.  I took my Bob (which you know is huge) and I used it about 1/2 of the time.  The problem with taking your own is if you are staying on property and taking the shuttle its a pain to get everyone on and the stroller folded, but once I got to the park I was so glad I had my stroller.  I thought the ones there were terrible (the doubles looked small to me).  Poor Adam tried to fall asleep in one and I ended up having to carry him around.  There is a place in orlando that you can rent double city mini's and I think they bring them to your hotel/resort.  That might be a good option if you really don't want to carry your own.  You still have to put it on the tram, but not too bad.  I will say if you are driving to the park I would definitly bring your own.
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  • The problem with the Disney strollers, IMO, is that they are very hard. It's just hard plastic so I think it would uncomfortable to them to sleep in, especially Cooper. I would bring your own or rent one like the PP suggested. I think BrandiGrenne rented one recently, you can check with her for a review.
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  • Can you get a cheap umbrella stroller?  I don't think Cooper will enjoy the Disney strollers.  They don't really have any support.  Then you can rent Jax a stroller if he needs one.  My diaper bag won't hang on the Disney stroller either.

    Once he is bigger I think it's just personal preference.  Sometimes we take a stoller for Tess, sometimes we rent a double.  Just depends on the travel logistics really and both ways have worked out fine.  My biggest con of not taking my own stroller in is the walk back to TCC at night with a sleepy baby that weighs a ton.  My biggest con to taking one is that it's kind of a PITA to fold it up to get on the train or travel bus.  You don't have to fold for the Trams.

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