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H interviewing for job in 30350 (?roswell?)...tell me about area?

from a mapquest search this looks like it is off of 400 in roswell area?

i know nothing about atlanta, if we were to live within a 30-45 min commute of this area, what are some areas that I could look at to get a feel for it? family friendly type areas, safe, good schools, all that? I don't want to be too far out- we are originally from NJ/NYC area and now live in NC and I miss some of the conveniences like the little downtowns, good restaurants nearby...i have no idea of the housing prices there so I'd be open to a range of prices. 

thanks for any advice/thoughts.

oh also I would be working and my line of work would more likely be in the city/outskirts than in office parks, etc in the suburbs. 

Re: H interviewing for job in 30350 (?roswell?)...tell me about area?

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    Hey groovy!  I'm not that familiar with the Roswell area (I'm more an Emory/Chamblee person), but I wanted to say Hi and good luck to your husband!  I really like the area and there are a lot of great things around.  We live closer intown than where we work and I think it works well--we're going against traffic and we're closer to the fun things on the weekends (zoo, botanical gardens, etc).

    One piece of advice is if you are interested in a particular area, definitely check it out around rush hour as well as the rush hour commute.  That is the true test of how good the location is.

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  • My office is in that zip code - 30350.  I live in East Cobb, right on the line of Roswell and Cobb county.  (30068) I only have a 10 minute commute to work!

    East Cobb is known for great schools and very family friendly.  The other option would be Roswell. 

    We feel like we get the advantages of E Cobb schools and all the conveniences of our very kid/family friendly neighborhoods, but we are still so close to the quaint little Roswell square and all the amenities that Roswell offers. 

    Commuting intown from where we are SUCKS at rush hour.  But to go see sporting events or shows it's not bad at all.  Getting to the airport would take about 45 minutes without rush hour. 

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  • You;ll like Roswell if you like the little downtowns.  Historic Roswell is very cute/quaint.  Little restaurants and shops in old victorian houses.  Less chain restaurants in that area.  

    Like another poster said, East Cobb/Marietta is also good.  Great schools.  Nice parks, shopping, etc.  Very conveniently located to 75 or 400.  

    Good luck with your hunt.  Is he coming at all for interviews?  I would tag along and see if you can find a realtor or someone to show you around.   Or my friend came down with her husband on an interview trip and just drove around looking at house prices and different neighborhoods.   

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