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infant care seacoast area

I am looking for infant care starting in September. Does anyone have a recommendation? I live in Hampton.

Re: infant care seacoast area

  • Hi Aunt Jen,

    Eli goes to Kid Stop which is two buildings away from the marketing and sales office they are wonderful there but i have never really asked about the infant room since we are a stay at home parent kind of family. i will say that i have gotten a very bad vibe from one of the three year old rooms teachers and it may be enough to cause me to pull Eli out if he moves into her room as i am not comfortable with how she is with the children (i have seen her snap/yell)

    A friend of mine runs her own in home daycare she is wonderful and used to be a play therapist with autistic children and she would be about midway on your drive to work here is her facebook!/rockstar.power i would have enrolled Eli with her but she closed down for a while during a battle with cancer and i didn't know that she had reopened when i was looking (we are not close friends just bonded over being pregnant at the same time type friends)

     also you can always ask family if you are comfortable with it Patrick is a stay at home dad after all


    <3 Kaitlyn


  • Hi, I work in Hampton and take my son to Imprints Day school in North Hampton.  He's been going there since he was 3 months old.  He is currently 2 1/2.  They are great and are currently building a new building practically next door to where they are now.  Good luck, when was your baby born? 
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