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How did you know that your baby was self-weaning?

My DD seems to be weaning (boo-hoo).  She is happy to nurse for an extended period each evening and for a decent amount of time in the morning, but she couldn't care less about nursing during the day.  I try and she fights me, wiggles, flips, flops, plays and then wants to nurse for about 30 seconds.  

I've tried nursing her in a quiet room, laying down and every single soothing way I can think of to get her to focus and she won't.

Is this a normal part of weaning? DD#1 loved nursing WAY more than number two. J would rather be handed a bottle of formula and sit there and drink it and play with it.

Do I fight this?  Do I keep trying or do I let her nurse morning/night and do bottles during the day?  I'd love any feedback from those with kiddos who self-weaned.  Thanks! 

Re: How did you know that your baby was self-weaning?

  • Remind me of how old J is again?  I'm thinking 9-ish months?  Honestly, to me it sounds like fairly normal behavior at that age.  She's just more interested in all the things she can see and do right now.  If you aren't wanting to wean, I'd just stick with it and get through this patch. 
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  • Cooper was like that for quite a long time, I think it's a stage.  Between about 9 mos and a year he was so wiggly and easily distracted that I seldom nursed him except at night and first thing in the morning.  I was pumping at work anyway so I just pumped more on weekends and gave him bottles when he wasn't interested in nursing.  He'd usually take a bottle easier because he could sit up and look around while he drank it.  

    Babies don't truly self wean that young because nutritionally they need milk, either BM or formula.   It's not like she's thinking to herself "hmmmm I'm tired of this milk, I want to switch to formula"  she's just easily distracted and as her food intake goes up her milk intake will go down, which makes it seem like she isn't interested in nursing.  I wasn't down for buying formula so we muddled through.   Good luck!

    See Kellymom on self weaning.

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