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I just joined "the bump" because my husband and I are trying to have a baby. But I sort of have a question and need some input from everyone about something else.

 Right now I have a side business of making invitations and announcements. I want to expand on this. A friend of mine and I are thinking about starting a company. We want to plan and supply everything needed for wedding showers, kids' birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers - at home parties. We will drop off all the decorations the night before or set up the day of for a fee. Also we will offer "party in a box" - all the things needed for a party to set it up on your own. Yes, I realize places like Party City already provide this stuff, but we would make it easier by bringing it all to you so you don't have to do all the shopping and planning.

Would you use this service? If so, how much would you pay for it? We really want to be able to get this business going now so by the time our kids are in school we can work from home! Thank you :o)

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  • Sounds nice, but I would not use such a service myself.  But that's just because I happen to like planning parties, shopping for them, and making them personal.  It sounds a little impersonal to me, kind of like generic "party," though it might not to someone else who doesn't enjoy planning, shopping, and setting up things themselves.  I do think you'd have to find a way to really bring a personal touch to something like this to make it work.  HTH and good luck!


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  • Thanks for your input! I would actually make the thank you's and matching invitations with their names on it already and party info so they would be done when they got to them.
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  • The only way for me to think it would be worth it is if everything was done for me, and I were renting all the party stuff from you, and you drop it off and pick it up again a day or two later.  For instance I'd buy "Baby shower package A" which would have pre-made favors for the guests to take home, decorations that would be returned to you (because I don't have the money to buy good stuff to use only once), games.   Even renting extra tables and chairs with covers and such would be good to have available.  Oh and having thank-yous ready to go is a great idea so that the person whose party it is has that ready to go (actually I often do that for a person that I'm throwing the party for as part of my gift)


    That being said, I'm pretty frugal, and I find it easy to do this stuff myself so I personally wouldn't use it.  The only thing I ever need to rent for a party is tables/chairs and the linens to go with them.  I'm sure there is a market for people that want everything done for them though, so it would be a full service party planning service.

     Good luck! 

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