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Update on might be leaking fluid

Hey everyone.

Thanks everyone who respond last night and encouraged me to call or go in to get checked out. I went up to the hospital and found out I am leaking AF.

Its a small leak but apparently has been going on for awhile, my fluid level was really low. It also turns out I was contracting without knowing it.

I'm still up here in L&D they've got me on fluids and bedrest and have also given me steroid shots just in case baby Grace makes and early appearance.

I've never asked before but if everyone could spare some T&P that Gracie keeps cooking for a few more weeks it would be wonderful.

Thank you again to everyone who gave me such wonderful advice last night.

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Re: Update on might be leaking fluid

  • Oh my!! I'm so glad you went to the dr!! I will say a prayer that baby girl stays put and continues to grow and be perfectly healthy!! Take care.


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  • I just saw your post from last night and was thinking of you. So glad you went in and you're being taken care of. Praying Grace gets to stay inside longer. Thanks for the update!
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  • T&P coming your way!


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  • T &Ps coming your way. Hopefully she will "cook" a little longer but glad you are ok and decided to go to L&D.

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  • Oh my goodness! T&P to you and Gracie that she can cook longer!

  • Sending you LOTS of T&P for baby Grace! Keep us updated!
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  • T&P on their way! Glad you went to L&D. Hope she stays put for you awhile longer!!
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  • Thanks for the update! I saw your post this morning as well and was hoping you would update soon. I'm glad you went! T & P's are definately with you and Grace! DH is here being nosey and he says good luck too!! He is learning alot this morning by watching me bump.. lol. Please keep us updated!!
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  • Sending LOTS of prayers for baby Gracie. 
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  • Thanks everyone for the T&P! Good news is that the contractions have slowed way down. Probably just from all of the iv fluids.

    If they stay slowed down I get to be released tomorrow and it looks like I'll be joining all the bedresting mamas on here. I'm looking at the upside of that being that I'll finally get to finish the book I've been reading for the last two weeks. Downside is we haven't even started the nursery yet. Ooops, I figured I'd have plenty of time in the next couple weeks for that. Oh well DH and the grandparents are willing to help I'm sure. At least I've already bought everything.

    Thanks again everyone!

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  • I'm so glad you went to the hospital. Let us know if you get to go home. Hang it there little one.

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  • Oh wow, I'm glad you found out what was going on and that you're getting treatment.  GL to you and baby Grace!
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  • Oh wow... hope she stays in there longer and gets lots of growing done before she makes her appearance! Smile
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  • I'm so glad you went! Keep us posted.
  • You will definitely be in my T&Ps.  I hope she keeps cooking.
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  • Hope she continues to stay in there and cook!   Thinking of you...  Love the name by the way Smile
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  • T&P's coming your way. Hoping litlle Gracie stays put until its time!!!
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  • akayfakayf
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    sending t&p your way that baby Grace keeps cooking for a few more weeks!!!!

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  • So glad you went to get checked out and that some good came from our communal pregnancy insomnia!  I'm glad you're getting the care you need to make sure your little girl keeps growing safe and sound inside as long as possible.  Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

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  • Thinking of you and your LO!
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  • you'll be in my T&Ps that baby Gracie stays put!

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  • So glad you went to the hospital and they are taking the right precautions for you.  GL and keep us posted b/c you and Grace will be in our thoughts!
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  • I understand what you are going through 100% as I mentioned last night this happened to me with DS at 26w. I also was having issues a couple weeks ago and had to get the shots with DD.

    I know it's hard but try and relax know that you and Grace are in good hands and the only thing you can do now is drink ALOT and make more fluid. You and Grace will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you and your family the best.


    Lets hope you got those lovely shots for no reason like me this time!! LOL

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  • Wow! It is quite amazing how we have to trust our intuition and as mothers (mothers-to-be), we know when something is up!  Thank you for your update because I am 32 weeks and in the last few days have been having some leakage that had me a little concerned.

     T&P for you LO!

    Anthony Javier will be here soon!
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  • Stay inside a little longer LO!!!  T&P to you!
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  • Great you went in..... You can never be too sure! Glad you are doing good and T&P's your way hoping little Gracie stays in awhile longer :)

    Good luck, keep us updated 

  • T&P for you and your baby. 
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  • Oh wow, sending you tons of T&Ps!! Please keep us updated. ((hugs))
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