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Home Births?

I have not been happy lately with my doctor's office and am begining to realize that when it comes to pregnancy/birthing, for me, a bigger doctor's office might not be best (again, for me).  I have been researching and am curious about home birthing. 

Anyone out there have a home birth and want to share their experience?  (Please do not post about about the dangers, that I'm crazy, etc.  I just trying to do some research.)  Thanks!

Re: Home Births?

  • I haven't had a home birth, and honestly I would check to make sure they're legal in KY before you plan that. I know Midwives are not allowed to practice in this state and that could make a home birth really tricky. However, if you're interested in using midwives or would like an alternative birth experience there's a farm in Tennessee that has some amazing midwives and offers a total natural birth experience package.

    Also, post this on the natural birth board. They have a lot of experience over there and are glad to help! 

     Hope this helps! 

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  • I think there are a couple of midwives (not sure if they are medical trained but I think so) in the Midway and Berea area.  I would guess that some of the staff at Mother Nurture/Baby Moon would know.  You may also try their website. 

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  • I had a home birth with my third after having 2 bad hospital experiences (St Joe, Central Baptist). I would give birth a million more times just to have that experience that I had at home.

    Send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have (including names of midwives, etc).

  • Clark Memorial in Jeffersonville Indiana has a birth center with certified nurse midwives.  If you are in the Louisville area, probably your best option.
  • We just moved to Kentucky, so I'm glad to read responses.  I had a homebirth VBAC with my 2nd and it was the most amazing experience.  I never want to deliver in a hospital again!  It seems Kentucky is not too friendly to homebirths though.  I'd really love to see how we can talk to lawmakers and get that ridiculous law changed.  Good luck!
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