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Elmhurst Hospital vs Hinsdale

Trying to decide whether to stay with my OB who delivers at Elmhurst, or switching to another that uses Hinsdale Hospital.  Anyone deliver at either?  Good or bad experiences?

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  • Not sure when you're due or planning on it but Elmhurst is building a new hospital that should be done by the end of the year. We're TTC #2 now and plan on going with Elmhurst. DS's pedi is through Elmhurst Clinic and I love the setup and their entire system.
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  • I delivered 2 kids at hinsdale. i have no complaints about hinsdale. with my 1st my ds spent a week in the nicu (which is a level 2) and the staff, nurse, doctors, and lcs were unbelievably great!
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  • Thanks.  I will be TTC this summer/fall.  My current OB (RPW) delivers through Elmhurst Hospital, but I don't know anyone that has ever delivered there.  Their website seems to say all the right things, but so do all the hospitals.  None of my friends have kids yet.  A few co-workers have delivered at various places, Northwestern, CDH, Hinsdale etc.  I'm just wanted to see if I should switch OBs in case Elmhurst wasn't a good place to deliver.  I know the new hospital will be open by the time I eventually need it, so things might change a bit too.  I just would rather do my research now than try to switch doctors (if needed) once I am pregnant.
  • I delivered my DS at Elmhurst and I was very impressed and happy with their service. We go to the Elmhurst Clinic for everything. Love my OB and the hospital. I am very excited about the new hospital!
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