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Childbirth Prep Class - Helpful or not?

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first child and considering taking the 1-day Childbirth Preparation Class at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Has anyone else taken this class and found it to be useful, or is it not necessary? It will cover the stages of labor, positions, medications, etc.

Re: Childbirth Prep Class - Helpful or not?

  • DH & I thought it was helpful. We did the 1-day class as well because we didn't want to be tied up in the multiple-week classes.  I'm sure there was some stuff we'd already learned from the pregnancy books, but I think it was still good for us to go.
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  • Definately helpful.  We did a month long one, and skipped one of the classes.  I think if anything it was helpful for my husband to see ways in which he could be supportive to me during labor.  Once you're in the moment it's hard to remember what to do.  Actually getting on the floor or whatever and trying the different poses that can help relieve pain is very helpful.
  • We both found ours to be very informational.

  • I am a first time mom and I signed up for a month long class.  I do hear that they are helpful.  And besides, why wouldn't I take the class...I'd rather be prepared for what's to come. 
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  • Yes, we thought it was very helpful especially for DH who has never been around babies. I would recommend it. It definitely won't hurt.

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