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Well sadly, there are only two of us signed up to get together next Sunday for brunch.  Looks like we will have to reschedule.  For anyone interested, please pass out some specific dates that will work better for your schedule so we can have a good suburb GTG.
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Re: suburb get together

  • I would love to go, but my DH has been traveling like a maniac the last few weeks and it continues next week. He will be home that weekend and I've been dying to spend time with him! :) Hopefully I will be able to come if another date is chosen. Sorry! I do think it's a great idea!
  • I think a get together is a great idea too! Unfortunately, we have plans next weekend but I think we should definitley r/s. Maybe something in May?
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  • Sorry I couldn't make it but the gtg fell right in the middle of DS' nap time.
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  • I was hoping to go, but that is the one weekend that I have plans in April.  Any other weekend in April works, and May is open as of now, too.
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  • I would love to attend a gtg and make some new friends!! This is my first baby and I am the first in my group of friends to be expecting, which is exciting because they are all so interested and excited for me but tough at times because I have no one that can relate to what I'm experiencing. 
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  • Me too! My first baby and I don't know anyone else with a little one... I'm located in the northwest suburbs
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