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City daycare recs for toddlers

DS has been going to a daycare that we like and that is very near to us but unfortunately, they only care for kids up to age 2. We're a year away from that, but considering that's how long we were on that waiting list originally, I figured we better start looking for new daycares now!

We live in Lincoln Square and would prefer something near there, but we'd consider pretty much anything on the northside (I work in Lincoln Park) and possibly downtown, if it's near my husband's work. 


Re: City daycare recs for toddlers

  • We really like Creme de la Creme. I can't opine on the programs as DS is a little younger than your son, but so far I am happy there.

    You may want to check on NPN for recommendations... 

  • We have an infany at Little Green Treehouse and we're very happy. They go up to 5 I think.
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