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NBR: Spring-Green, TruGreen, etc

Anyone do a 6 step fertilization program?  Who do you use?  What kind of lot do you have?  How much do they charge?

I was all ready to sign up with Spring-Green for the $40 a treatment price but they said that the price could chance once the lot is assessed on the first visit.  Well, we have a 1/4 acre so I worry about it being astronomical. 

Our landscaper's prices are not competitive at all, so we are looking for a different service.


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Re: NBR: Spring-Green, TruGreen, etc

  • We used TruGreen last year.  It was $54.50 a service for 6,000 square feet. 
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    We used TruGreen last year.  It was $54.50 a service for 6,000 square feet. 

    Did they tell you how much more it is per their 'normal' sizing... like is it $X per 1,000 sq feet?  (We have 10,000+ sq feet) 

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  • They didn't.  Sorry I don't have more help for you.

    This year we did decide not to do anything.  I have two little kids and I'd rather not worry about them getting into the chemicals.  I know they say it's safe once it dries, but I'm still nervous and I can find a lot of other ways to spend $300.  

  • We use a product on our lawn that is made from corn gluten meal:




    Safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

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