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Anyone else currently BFing over 1 year?

With DD I only made it to 6 1/2 months because I got pg and lost supply.  This time I was determined to make it to a year, and we made it and he's not ready to stop.  I admit, I am not either so it's ok.  Sometimes I feel alone in this.  My mom is extremely supportive, but she lives 1800 miles away.  My MIL lives 10 minutes away, but she is always saying "are you still nursing him?" with a very negative tone.  Sometimes I feel like most of my other mom friends quit a lot sooner.
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Re: Anyone else currently BFing over 1 year?

  • I am!  My son is 15 months and nurses 1-2 times a day.  DH wanted me to stop when I got pg with bb#2 but my ob/gyn said it's fine (which I'm happy about because I'm not ready to give it up).  I plan to stick with it until he's 2 unless he decides to give it up before then.  
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  • I'm no where near there yet. But I just wanted to say you are doing a wonderful thing for your son! Others be damned!

    It is documented in countless places how good bfing is past the first year. Regardless of what people in this culture think, that's the norm! Heaven forbid you do the best thing you can for your child.

    Keep at it, mama! You're doing great :)

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  • Me. I think are days are numbered though. ?Part of me is happy but another so sad. ?

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  • the bean is 13 months tomorrow and we're still not ready to stop. ?the hub teases me about her still going strong when she's 5, but that won't happen. ?i'm hoping she'll self-wean, especially as my supply is dwindling and we're trying to transition her to whole milk.
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  • I'm going to nurse K for at least 18 months, maybe 24.  Remind your MIL about the WHO's recommendations. 
  • My two are just a year and I am still going strong with both of them.  Our pedi doesn't want us to stop for aeast another 3 months because of the benefits since they were so premature and still should get the calories and benefits.  I am not yet ready to stop and neither are they.
  • I'm not currently bfing but I did bf until 14 months.  I had to wean for medical reasons then and I wish I had carried on a bit more.

     This one I'll probably wean at 18 months.

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  • My DS just weaned himself two weeks ago, at 21.5 months. I am kind of sad, but at the same time, I know he was ready for it and I'm ready to begin the next chapter of our life. Also I'm excited to get some new non-nursing bras! :)

    (Our goal was to make it to 2 years, like the WHO says, so we came pretty darn close.)

  • Not there yet (DD is 8 months and change), but we both love nursing and I don't foresee stopping until past a year - I'm hoping 18 months. ?We'll see how long she wants to keep going, but she absolutely loves nursing and I really hope it continues for a while. ?It's the best thing! ?I think people who say otherwise are just misinformed or naive (like your MIL). ?HELLO, breasts were made to feed babies, and it's such a wonderful gift that we can give our kiddos!
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  •  I haven't read the other responses, but I will.

    But, eff your MIL.  I got looks and comments too "Man, you're gonna nurse him until he's 6 feet tall" and crap like that and I only nursed until 13.5 months!

    There are also windows of weaning.  Between 11-12/13 months is one window.  The other window is around 18 months.

    I knew that I didn't want to continue to nurse to 18 months (we were TTC and got pg very quickly), so I started weaning at 11 and finally finished at 13.5 months.

    But keep it up for as long as you can!  And ignore your MIL. 


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  • We're at 16 months and I don't see any signs of stopping.  DS nurses 1-3 times a day.  I just want to make it through the flu season.
  • I am!  DD is almost 2 1/2 years and still nursing an average of 3x a day.  She nurses in the morning, after work, and before bed.  On weekends it's morning, before nap, and before bed.  I night weaned her a few months ago, or else she would still be nursing a couple times a night.  MIL stopped asking if I was still nursing when DD stopped nursing during the day.  For all I know, she thinks DD is no longer nursing.  My mom used to make snide comments but hasn't really lately.  I pretty much ignore her when she does, so maybe that's why.

    I'm not sure about these windows of opportunity to stop.  DD has never had a time when she was less interested, besides when she was 4 months old during the distracted period.

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  • I just weaned DD 2 weeks ago, at 16.5mo. My mom was really supportive of BFing... until DD was 4mo old!! Ever since then she's asked me "have you weaned that baby yet?" every single time we've spoken (which is weekly!)

    I do not have any friends that nursed past 6mo, so none of them really understood, but at least they didn't give me crap for it.

    - Jena
  • DD still nurses in the morning and right before bedtime and she is 2.  I would like to have her weaned by the time she is 2.5, but I am not pushing the issue too much right now because of various disruptions happening in her normal routine right now.
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