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Recs for pregnancy/baby classes?

I'm delivering at Northwestern, but their L&D class is $120/pp. I'd like to get something lower than that. Do you have any L&D class locations to recommend?
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Re: Recs for pregnancy/baby classes?

  • I think you'll find that most classes will range from $100 and up. I delivered at NW. We didn't take Any classes, and I felt fine. If you pick up a book or read up on labor and delivery, I think you'll be ok. The only reason I considered a class was for my DH, just so he would het into the mindset that the baby was coming. He didn't really want to go an he managed just fine and even helped during the delivery! The one thing we did do was the free hospital tour. I really recommend doing that so you feel comfortable when you have to go in. Info is on the prentice hospital website. Hope this helps some.
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  • I took the classes at west suburban....i think it was $80 for 5 classes
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  • I took my classes at Lake Forest, but if I remember they were about $100 per couple too.
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  • What type of birth are you hoping for? There are many classes out their and some are better fitted for different birth options. I know it is kind of far, but Bellies to Babies studio in Lombard offers Hypnobirthing, Bradley and Brio classes, as well as many different one day classes
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  • I have a fun social group called KickSprout that offers classes in Chicago. Not birthing classes but more social things like Creating the Perfect Registry, support groups, Infant nutrition and Baby Food Making ect. they are always changing but a great way to meet new expectant parents and win some great prizes!
  • All of the prices at Northwestern are per couple, not per person - not sure if that makes them easier to swallow...?
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