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Insurance for the Self Employed

Hi everyone... I'm new to the bump. My husband and I recently started talking about having children and I realized that there are a few things we could use some advice on! I posted this in the "babies on the brain" forum, but they talk so much that it got pushed to the second page without anyone looking at it within a few hours! So, I thought I would post it on the local board, because my question probably varies from state to state anyway. :)

 My husband and I own our own business and therefor do not get health insurance from an employer. We have health insurance, but the bare minimum with a high deductible that doesn't cover any of the basics like doctors appointments. We've looked at upgrading our insurance for better coverage, but with the 3 year wait before the maternity coverage kicks in, it's not really worth it.

Anyway, I did some research on costs and it seems like we'll be paying around $10,000 out of pocket for a vaginal birth with absolutely no complications (including doctor check ups and ultrasounds, etc.) That's fine, but it would be nice to have help if there are any complications or problems that would hike up the cost. I read that we should get maternity disability insurance, which is temporary and can be used right away, or at least a few months in. Does anyone have any experience with disability insurance and can share their experience or any knowledge that you have? Thanks! :)

Re: Insurance for the Self Employed

  • One thing that I found interesting in my recent ER visit is that the hospital discounts 72% for cash pay customers. It doesn't make sense to me as to why they do that.

     In regards to disability insurance. There are several options available. The cost is rated based on your health, your age, and amount of insurance requested. The under writing process can be similar to the health insurance under writing. One benefit you might want to check into is AFLAC insurance. This is in addition to the disability insurance.

     I hope it helps a little!

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  • you can look at too.
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  • Not sure how much your income is with being self employed but if your combined income is less than $3410 gross per month you could qualify for AHCCCS for your prenatal care and childbirth.


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