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Did u buy a pump before or after baby came?

Im trying to decide if  I should get it when I go in for my completion at BRU. My mom said I need to wait and I can see that too. Also- which brands do you recommend?

Re: Did u buy a pump before or after baby came?

  • I waited until after.

    ha! If I breastfeeding weirded me out  bit, then pumping my breasts was definitely weird! :) But my DD was jaundiced in the hospital so they brought me a pump & said get to it. Like a lot of things so far, I'm glad I was forced into it. Not that I pump anymore...

    But I bought a Medela pump with the same type of parts as the hospital pump.

    Maybe you can try one in the hospital as well?? Just ask... :)

    Good luck to you!

  • I waited until after and it was a mistake! I needed to use it the day we got home from the hospital and DH had to run out and get one while I was left at home with a new baby. If you are sure you want to breastfeed I don't see the point in waiting. We had latch issues, if I didn't have a pump my milk supply would have dropped or maybe not come in at all.
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  • I waited until after. I rented one from the hospital first when we were discharged - I wanted to make sure that BF would work out.
  • I got one for Christmas 2mo before DD was due from my MIL, I have a PIS, which has been great but since I SAH it is actually probably more pump than I need

  • I waited until after, and that was a mistake.  We had to run out and buy one when DS was a few days old, so I had to pay full price with no coupons (didn't have any).  I wish I would have kept my eye out earlier, to watch for a sale, or comparison shop online, or wait for a coupon.  Try to buy one now, for a cheaper price, and keep the receipt so you can return it if breastfeeding doesn't work out.
  • I waited until after because I wanted to be sure that BFing would work for us.  If not, I didn't want to have spent 270 on something that would be a PITA to return with a new baby.  I love my Medela PISA. Good luck!
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  • I bought it before hand and was so glad I did- I needed it as soon as I got home due to problems latching.  If you don't be sure to have the # for where to rent one and someone to go get it for you ASAP if you need it.
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  • I bought my Medela Swing before DD was born.  I was really glad I did too, b/c we ended up having to supplement & I had to pump right away.
  • I got a pump before the baby was born, but I was 100% sure I was going to BF and that I'd need a pump when I returned to work.  I have a Medela PIS and it's great.
  • I meant to get it before, but didn't end up actually doing it until after.  I didn't pump for the first time until almost 6 weeks, so it worked out for me.

    I will say it was a pain to try to get out and get it after DS was born, so I had to order it online with my completion coupon and have it shipped.  Sort of wiped out the completion discount.

    I have the Medela PISA and really like it.

  • image ECUGirl2004:
    I got a pump before the baby was born, but I was 100% sure I was going to BF and that I'd need a pump when I returned to work.  I have a Medela PIS and it's great.

    Ditto this exactly.  I think the type of pump you need depends alot on if you're going back to work. 

  • I wasn't planning on getting one at all (figured I'd just use a manual one if the need came up), but then DS was in the NICU for a few days, and we had problems getting BF started, so I pumped for a week in the hospital with one those fancy-schmancy ones. I had all the parts, but we still just ended up renting one (I think I did contemplate buying one, but I wasn't going to work or anything), and it was the best plan for us. I stopped pumping when he was abotu 2 months, and now I just use the manual one once in a great while.

    We rented ours for $50 a month, so you could do that and then wait to get one (and also be able to scout around for coupons/discounts at the same time). 

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  • I got my Medela pump before we had DD and I am so glad we did. She was jaundiced and we had to pump in the hospital and supplement that way. Because of that, she never really learned to latch on correctly and I am now EP'ing and have been since she was a week old.
  • I bought a medela pump in style advanced before DS was born, and I'm very glad about that decision.  I ended up pumping in the hospital.  DS was born almost 2 weeks late and he was very frantic and would try to nurse for hours at a time.  The lactation consultant said they sometimes see that with babies who are overdue--they don't have as much reserves left.  Anyhow, we used a supplemental nurser in the hospital and they had me pump to get the milk in faster.

    But in any event, I knew I was going to breastfeed and I was very determined, and I was going back to work.  Plus, we wanted to start bottles of pumped milk around 3-4 weeks pp, and there's no way I would have wanted to worry about buying a pump after delivery.

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  • Before. I was told by multiple people to have the pump before the baby came in case she would not latch and I needed to pump .
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