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Au Pair Thoughts?

Hello Ladies,

I was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind sharing their experiences on having an au pair?  DH and I are trying to figure out our child care options once I return to work.  We originally wanted to hire a nanny but the cost is astronomical. We are now considering getting an au pair.  Our main concern is it could be akward having an individual live with you 24/7.  If you have an au pair, how has the experience being working out for you?

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Re: Au Pair Thoughts?

  • I don't personally, but a co-worker of mine had a few au pairs (they each stayed a year).  I know one she loved, one was okay, and I think maybe two of them she didn't like much at all.  Overall, she did recommend that we try it when we were pregnant, but I don't think it's for us.  I can' imagine a stranger living in our house, especially when you don't even really meet them in person ahead of time.
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