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Has anyone else been experiencing extremely dry skin?  Particularly on the face?  The area around my mouth and nose has been peeling incessantly and I have tried moisturizers, etc., to no avail.  The peeling happens every day.  I assume this is a sign that I need to drink more water and am probably somewhat dehydrated, but was just curious if others out there might be having similar issues.  Smile


  • I have this happen when the weather gets really cold.  I pretty much slather on Aquaphor until the chapped area clears up, then use a cetaphil-type moisturizer afterward.

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  • I have that and for me it isn't dry skin, it's sebacious dematitis (basically dandruff) and the derm prescribed desonide and that makes it go away.
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  • Colton had some stuff like this.  Try Aquofore.  Also Aveda has a moisture mask that rocks the house.  It is clear in a clear stand up tube.
  • I have had some weird peeling since being pregnant.  In addition to moisturizers, I add a like baking soda to my cetaphil cleanser to try and exfoliate it gently.  So I don't end up walking around with a layer hanging off.
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  • I know I'm kind of late on this.... sorry!! 


    BUT try a yogurt/olive oil/honey mask. I know it sounds weird but it has helped me a lot and I have those same dry patches. The yogurt and olive oil are hardcore moisturizers and the honey is a fantastic antiseptic.


    1 tbl each - yogurt, olive oil, honey 

    Slather it on the face and let it sit for about 15-20 min. Then wipe off with a warm towel and moisturize. I do this as night at it works wonders. :)

  • Awesome!  Thanks so much! This was very helpful.  Smile
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