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Potty Training

Am I jumping the gun?

So I'm thinking about starting potty training/learning, specifically the 3 Day Method.

We put DS on the potty as soon as he gets up, before nap, after nap, and before bed, and he pees every time. He's even peed at IKEA and at the mall in the last few days. I thought I'd try him out on the public potties and he went! After reading the method I don't think he'd be able to go diaper free at nights (because he nurses to sleep) but I think I'd like to try during the day. He also has never pooped in his potty yet.

Am I insane? Am I reaching for readiness here?

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Re: Am I jumping the gun?

  • If you think he is ready go ahead and try.  If he rebels then back off for a bit and go at his pace.  My daughter will be 2 next month and she is now potty trained except at nights, she still wakes up every other night a little wet.  She is improving with that though.  It has been about a month since she has been going all day during the day in underwear.  I think I could have done it much sooner.  It only really took 2 days for her to be dry during the day.
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  • I would try it.  If he fights or resists in any way though, I would back off.  He is still pretty young. 
    DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
    DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)
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