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Childcare rates

I am looking at having someone come into my home two days a week or bringing the baby to someone's home. Does anyone know the going rate to charge for having someone keep my child in these situations? It would be a 41/2 month old. The hours would be from 6:45-4:45.


Re: Childcare rates

  • I pay $12 an hour.
  • It can really vary. When we were looking for an in home place to take DS we saw everything from $145-$200/week. And having someone come into your home can vary as well depending on their experience and what they and you are looking for.
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  • It does vary. My nanny is paid $10/hour, but she was fairly inexperienced when she started, I have just one infant, and I drive her home in the evenings. Another person who babysits for me gets $12.  Her travel expense is more since the babysitting is for a shorter duration.  My sister's nanny had years of experience actually managing a daycare center before she became a full time nanny, and she also has tons of early childhood classes.  She charges $16/hour.

  • I'm no help.

    Just the reminder of what I pay, makes me cry.'s like a second mortgage.

  • I was a nanny and I charged $400/wk for working 7:30-6:00, and $10/hr for any babysitting.
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