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Our dog has always had digestive issues.  He gets diarreha that lasts for several days.  We switched from food to food until the vet told us to try one that appears to work.  Now when new treats are introduced it's done very slowly to see if he reacts.  Since DS has come home our house has been a nightmare.  As if staying up with a newborn isn't enough, add staying up with a dog who's sick.  DH has spent many hours the past few nights in the rain outside with the dog.  We just got back from visiting my grandma to a house filled with diarreha.  He has grass allergies but benedril gives him diarreha.  We're pretty sure the combination of the allergy stress and the LO has pushed him as far as he can go.

Please tell me there's hope, that he'll adjust.  DH is getting extra cranky, I'm running on so little sleep and still in a pretty substantial amount of pain and I'm just not sure how many more nights of baby + sick dog I can take ...  Crying

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  • I don't really have any advice, but I can relate. Biscuit has been off and on sick (vomiting) since 2 weekends ago. Dh took him to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. I think it's probably from all the changes- new baby, change of routine, lots of visitors. Now that our overnight guests have left and we're not getting as many visitors, hopefully things will get better.  I feel terrible for him.
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  • This is going to sound like a ton of work, but it ended up saving our sanity. We were having a horrible time trying to find a food that would work and half the problem was that his digestive tract was so irritated, notihng was working. If he is having constant straight runny poo's- I withold food for 24 hours. Basically you would be skipping 1 meal. Then I boil chicken breast and rice. Make a mixture of that plus  1 tsp boiled sweet potato, a tiny bit of cottage cheese and also some pills called Gentle Digest. Those can be ordered online or I also got them from Vitamin shoppe, they are probiotics. You feed this mixture until his poo is back to normal. Then you GRADUALLY start mixing dog food back into it again. if you have any questions, let me know!
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  • I didn't think bland diet worked when it was stress related diarreha - I thought it only applied when it was digestive linked from food.

    DH is going to pick up DAP on his way home from class - hopefully our dog falls into the group of dogs it works on.  I honestly think I'm going to loose my mind.  What I wouldn't give for help from family/friends.  Anything to help DH and I get a few hours of sleep.

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  • When our English bulldog had separation anxiety after DH went to training, he got really sick too. Changes are hard on pets. He was put on Clomicalm and that made him feel better. He still was lethargic and "drugged" but was wasn't miserable, sick and starting fights at the dog park. Good lick and I hope you find some help!
  • I hope pooch feels better soon. I'm glad ours haven't had any trouble adjusting. They just keep trying to share our laps with lo and lick his head. You may also want to check with the ladies over at the pets board on the nest. They may have suggestions.
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