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Sams Club - worth it?

Do you think its worth paying the $$ for a Sams Club membership?  Since we are adopting we will be FF and holy cow formula is expensive!  That plus the cost of diapers may kill us!  The closest one is about 30 min away but we do head that direction frequently so for members, do you save enough $$ to make it worth paying for membership?

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Re: Sams Club - worth it?

  • We are members at BJ's, and the only reason it's worth the price to us is b/c of the gas. It's really close to our house so we get all of our gas there. BUT- we don't buy formula or diapers, so it might be worth it for that! Although I did notice (at BJ's at least) that the price of their Pampers Swaddlers was the same as BRU.
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  • I really don't care for any of the Sams clubs here. I know you are not in the Raleigh area, but I found the ones here to be dirty and the clientele to be a little shady. We joined Costco and we LOVE it. We do plan to buy diapers/wipes/formula there. We have gotten some really good deals there, including Halloween candy last weekend! We pay $50 a year and we also got the Costco American Express (its our only CC) and use it and we get cash back on all our purchases (not just at Costco), including gas. The gas there is super cheap too, so that is another plus.



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  • I second Costco!  The closest one to us is about 40 minutes away but we try to go at least once a month.  The diapers and wipes are well worth the trip.  I LOVE the wipes, way better than any others we've used. 

    BTW,I am so stinkin excited for you guys!!!!

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  • Have you looked into generic formula?  We use Parent's Choice (Wal-Mart brand), and it's $15/can vs. $27/can for the name brand.  Target also has a generic formula. 

    We decided the Sam's membership wasn't worth it for us.  We do better with coupons and sales.  Diapers are actually cheapest at BRU when they're running a promotion.  But you should also look into off-brand diapers.  If you like them they're much cheaper. 


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  • I definitely think it's worth it. But I would check Costco too if I were too.
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  • I definitely plan to look into generic formula if I FF. From what everyone here, and what everything I've read says, it is the same stuff--even made at the same place, often times. I'll talk it over with my ped for peace of mind, but the savings seem pretty huge--like $10 a can.

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  • I've never been to Sam's, but I adore Costco.  Already today, I've worn PJs from there, eaten frozen berries on my oatmeal from there, my dog has slept on his bed from there, and we've probably used a couple more things from there if I thought about it.  Just the gas savings is worth it.  I've been shopping at Costco since the early 80s and I love it. I love that they're in NC now, and we don't have the insane crowds here either. Best wishes! :)

    Oh, and DH is going there this afternoon to buy a new pair of glasses and will save about $200. ;)

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