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first RE apt

Hi ladies,

I apologize, cuz i'm sure this question has been asked at least a million times.

DH and I have our first RE apt. this coming week.

What should I expect?


DH has a very low s.c., and i've been off bc for 14 months which messes with my endometriosis. DH is also having a vessicle op. in 2 weeks to try to maybe raise his count.

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Re: first RE apt

  • Your first appointment will consist of a lot of talking. Going over your and your Hs medical history as well as family history. The Dr will explain everything about the clinic. You may meet with a financial advisor. Blood work may be drawn for both you and your H as well as an u/s.

    If you need further testing everything will be set up that day or you will be told when to come back. Then you will get a game planned based off of everything at your following meeting.

    Good luck! It seems like so much but I felt a huge weight off my shoulder after seeing my RE

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  • I agree with krissyh21.  Thats what the first appointment consist of.  the doctor my give you a hint on what type of treatment will work better for you based on your history but then will confirm later on once he gets the results (at least thats what mine did).  The first apointment can be a long one at least an hour.
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  • Lots of talking and back and forth questions. Ours was so helpful to us. Puts everything in easy terms to help you understand better. you could do a little advance research to help too if you feel the need.

    good luck!?

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