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Grammar help?

Kep?? Is this correct?

I want to make some "art" out of some of my vellum drawings of Shahed and my first apartment together.

Re: Grammar help?

  • kepkep member

    Hey! It would be "Shahed's and my first apartment together"?(even though you shared ownership)?because one of the elements of the compound possessive is a personal pronoun. I found this online:

    Compound Possessives

    When you are showing possession with?compounded nouns, the apostrophe's placement depends on whether the nouns are acting separately or together.

    • Miguel's and Cecilia's new cars are in the parking lot.?
      This means that each of them has at least one new car and that their ownership is a separate matter.
    • Miguel and Cecilia's new cars are in the parking lot.
      This construction tells us that Miguel and Cecilia share ownership of these cars. The possessive (indicated by?'s) belongs to the entire phrase, not just to Cecilia.

    Another example:

    • Lewis and Clark's expectations were very much the same.?
      This construction tells us that the two gentlemen held one set of expectations in common.
    • Lewis's and Clark's expectations were altogether different.
      This means that the expectations of the two men were different (rather obvious from what the sentence says, too). We signify separate ownership by writing both of the compounded proper nouns in the possessive form.

    When one of the possessors in a compound possessive is a personal pronoun, we have to put both possessors in the possessive form or we end up with something silly: "Bill and my car had to be towed last night."

    • Bill's and my car had to be towed last night.
    • Giorgio's and her father was not around much during their childhood.

    If this second sentence seems unsatisfactory, you might have to do some rewriting so you end up talking about?their?father, instead, or revert to using both names: "Giorgio and Isabel's father wasn't around much . . . ." (and then "Giorgio" will lose the apostrophe +s).

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  • Kep just beat me to it.  It should definitely be Shahed's and my. 

    I was also going to ask why the quotes around art?  I'm thinking they are not necessary.

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  • Ah! Of course! I knew it didn't sound right but I couldn't figure out why. Shahed's apartment and my apartment. Got it. How's that for incomplete sentences?

    The quotes around "art" are b/c my aunt (whom I was writing an email to) is a real artist so I was just implying that my art isn't real art in comparison.

  • In that case, the quotes totally make sense! ?DH and I are obsessed w/ the misuse of quotes, so this one caught my eye. ?I'm happy to hear that you properly used them! :)
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