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I'm sick and tired of people coming up to me and saying "wow, you're so tiny for 6 months" or saying as they look me up and down with their eyes bulging "wow, you're only 6're HUGE!!!"  WTF. 

Re: Annoyed!

  • Umm, whaaaat? I've heard of people getting one OR the other, but not BOTH types of comments. Weird!
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  • I had some random old man ask me when how far along I am and I told him 4 months and he proceeded to tell me that I'm huge for 4 months and need to lay off the carbs or I will have gd.  Thanks buddy, but for your information my doctor thinks I need to gain more weight so I think that is who I will listen to.  I didn't have a comeback for it though so I just kinda looked at him.  Who says that let alone to a stranger?

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  • Different people, different comments.  Today was the big Halloween carnival/parade at our school and many of my current and former students parents came up to me to give their 2 cents on my size and the sex of the baby. 

  • I'm still looking for the asshat that gave the PSA for everyone to make whatever comments they felt like saying to pg ladies....especially those that have never been pregnant or couldn't possibly ever get pregnant (men). It simply amazes me. Confused
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  • It worries me because of the amount of inaccurant information people seem to give me all of the time.  I don't really listen to it and look up things I don't know about, but it scares me that there are probably pregnant women out there who listen to all sorts of crap.
  • Weirdos! I am tired of the... "Wow, you're getting so big!" Umm hello, there is a baby growing in there!
  • I've gotten both too. ?People who say "wow you're getting big!", or "I can really see your belly." ?Horray for you. ?And then people who say "You're 20 weeks? ?Oh, I don't think you're big enough/ I don't think he's growing enough." ?Well luckily you're not the doctor, and she thinks everything is perfect. ?I love my doctor, she is always telling me how everything is "perfect". ?That is what I like to hear!
  • I've also gotten both. Some people say things like "Wow, you look really pregnant," and others say they can barely tell at all.

    There should be a rule that no one is ever allowed to comment a pregnant woman's size.

  • Thanks to being warned by all you lovely ladies I have now decided that when I am far enough along to really show and not just look fat, and people ask me how far along I am, I am going to tell them to GUESS. And what do you know, maybe their guesses will just always be right.

  • I think we should start a post to capture witty comments for rude comments!
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