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Slightly freaking out...

I went back to the doctor today to see if they could figure out what's been going on with me -- PPD, exhaustion even though I'm sleeping 8+ hours a night some nights, insomnia on nights when I'm not, hair falling out by the handful, wonky menstrual cycles although I'm not BFing, and no weight loss even though I'm exercising and doing WW.

So I saw the PA and she ordered bloodwork to check on my thyroid and pituitary gland functions...and a beta hCG test.  Gulp.

I don't think I'm pregnant.  Heck, I didn't ovulate on my own for more than a year.  It took two rounds of Clomid to get pregnant in the first place.  But it's not completely out of the realm of possibility, either...and my temperatures have been up for 14 days.  I've also had an awful head cold for more than a week, which could be causing my temps to be up.  I feel like I'm going to start my period any minute, but that's kind of how I felt when I was first pregnant with Elizabeth.  And I have no intuition at all when it comes to these things.  DH "just knew" I was pregnant and kept saying so before I tested last time and I kept insisting I wasn't.

Oh heck.  I should just go pee on a stick, because otherwise I'll drive myself crazy waiting for the doc to call on Monday.  But I only have one leftover HPT, so maybe I should wait and test tomorrow morning.

Sheesh, I'm neurotic tonight.

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