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Hands free nursing bra?

Anyone have one they really love? I need something so I can be hands free!


Re: Hands free nursing bra?

  • I used an old sports bra and cut holes in the cups where you can put the pump cones through. Works like a charm and didn't cost anything extra!
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  • I did the same thing, but bought a larger sized one that snaps in the front so I could put it on over my clothes.
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  • I bought a hands free one.  It's like a tube top with a halter neckline.  It only costs $15, but I love it.  The brand is easy expressions.  At first I was taking my shirt off to put it on, which was a pain, but now I just pull my shirt up and put it on underneath.
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  • With DD1, I worked and pumped 3-5x a day.  I took rubber bands, linked them together and put the pump cone through one, and the other end on my nursing bra.  I think I got it from kellymom.com.
  • I have this one:  http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/picture2.html

    It was probably the best $30 I ever spent on any breastfeeding product.


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  • The best one i found was a bra that was like a regular nursing bra, but then it had an extra flap to make it hands free.I loved that bra. Then i had this thing that sort of was like a corset that zipped in the front and had holes to keep things in place. Now that your babies are little you can feed a baby and pump with this bra at the same time. Great for those middle of the night feedings. It allows for at least 20 min of sleep before the next time you have to feed. I bought all of these bras at a store that specialized in nursing supples, but i am sure that you can also find them on line.

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