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omg- bday present!

DH just gave me a Flip Mino for my bday (yeah!!!), but when I opened it, there is NO camera inside!!!! Someone stole it out of the box, left the cable and carrying pouch and took the freaking Flip!!! DH is on the phone with Best Buy right now. They BETTER make this right and not think that we stole it. I'm sad b/c I was all excited to video Ashlyn as Eeyore, too :(


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  • so Best Buy was totally fine and didn't question the validity of our story, but they don't have anymore at the Cumming store and said it could take until Thursday for them to get one from another store, with Tuesday being the earliest they could get one. What the heck?? Dh is sooooo pissed :(
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  • Ugh, I'm sorry.  But at least you will still get it. 

    I guess you can dress her back up next week and take a video.  She won't know the difference. :)

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    Man, that stinks. :o( I'm sorry this happened--and on your birthday. Hope they can get one sooner for you.
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  • That does super suck.  I'm sorry Tiffanie!! :( At least your DH got with it and bought you one ;)
  • Oh no!! I'm so sorry Tiffanie! That sucks!

    PS- Happy Birthday!!

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  • Happy Birthday!!

     That does suck about the flip! Hope the replacement comes sooner than later.

    We NEED to see that sweet baby girl as eyeore!!!!

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  • If I wanted the white one, I could have it now b/c that have that one in stock, but I really want the black one. My need for instant gratification is making me think I might like the white one.... LOL We took a video of Ashlyn as Eeyore with my digital camera, but I'll have to compress it before I can post it anywhere.
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