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No more Lupron - 1st night for PIO shot

Eek!  I'm kinda glad that I'm done with the lupron, but a little sad too.  Weird.  Now it's all in DH's hands - lol.  I hope he doesn't enjoy giving me the shots too much. Devil

Re: No more Lupron - 1st night for PIO shot

  • Oh and forgive the Christmas ticker.  I didn't want to put one up for just a few days and I'm not going to put one up for a countdown until the beta.  I suppose I could have done a Thanksgiving one but I like Christmas better.  hee, hee.
  • yay! this means you're making progress toward your goal! isn't it great to be done with lupron?!?

    my husband was nervous about the shots and I think he still feels bad about causing me pain. but really they're going just fine. good luck to you!

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  • Have you had PIO before?  The shots aren't too bad actually. But I do get a lot of soreness the next day.  It's a bruise like feeling.  Annoying, but tolerable.  Heat the oil a bit before injection, and GL!  You ARE getting close if you are on PIO!!

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