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We've had the worst night - fever 103.6

Carter is miserable.  His fever spiked to 103.6 last night.  I was a nervous wreck because DH was at work.  I called the hospital nurse line and she went through a long list of things.  My daycare lady had called me to tell me she was sick yesterday and was taking a sick day today.  She said her neck hurt and it was painful to turn - which of course made me worry about meningitis as meningitis has high fever and stiff neck.  So I just was cryinglast night rocking my baby.  His fever responded to the tylenol and they said since it has been doing that and he is up-to-date on his shots that she wasnt as worried about meningitis.  Carter slept on me most of the night and I tried to lay him on my bed but he wouldnt have it.  He slept a little in his crib but was up every hour at least through the whole night.  I still am not completely sure I shouldnt take him to the hospital.  His fever is down to like 99 this morning and he hasnt had tylenol since about 3am.  Sorry for the book - it was just such a hard night for my little boy and my heart is breaking for him.  Nothing seems to be making him really happy right now (except the kitties).  :(

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  • awww.  poor little guy!  (and poor mommy!)

    i'm glad to hear his fever is down - I hope it stays that way.  and i hope he feels better soon!!!

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  • Oh I'm sorry Jody, I know what a heartbreaking thing it is to watch your baby sick and in pain. If it'll make you feel better take him to the hospital it couldn't hurt. I've been there questioning myself as in to take him in or not. You don't want to be that crazy mom who's running to the hospital at the drop of a dime, but you also don't want to just wait it out for fear of it becoming worst. So you have to trust your gut with that one. Anyways I hope Carter feels better soon. Hugs to you and him.
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  • Oh poor baby! I hope he feels better soon.
  • ugh!  we were just there two weeks ago so i feel your pain, it is awful.  my dr told me to use motrin for fevers that high versus tylenol, evidently it helps faster?  dunno.  anyway sorry to hear about little carter, hope he feels better soon!
  • Aww, Jody, I'm so sorry :(.

    Did you take him to the dr. yesterday? They are sure he doesn't have an ear infection? That's what Kate does - refuses so sleep anywhere but upright and on me when she has one. 


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  • yep we went to the dr yesterday and they checked his ears and they were perfect.  His throat looked fine.  Nothing seems wrong except runny runny nose, high fever and him being miserable.  :( 
  • Oh poor Carter!  There is nothing more heart-breaking than having a sick baby :-(  I hope his fever stays down.
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  • I'm sorry jody. I really hate to see my babies sick...its esp hard when you don't know what's wrong. big hugs to you both!!!!!
  • Oh poor baby. If it makes you feel better I would take him to the hospital if it spikes again or go back to the Dr. It is so hard to predict what is wrong with them when they are young. I hope he feels better soon.
  • Sick babies are so sad.  You just feel so powerless to determine what is wrong and then you don't know if you are doing the right thing.  I'm so sorry you are going through this.  If he likes the car, maybe take him for a ride today.  Mason wouldn't lay down to sleep a few weeks ago and would whine unless I held him.  But he was so quiet and happy in the car when we went to the Dr.  So finally I decided to get in the car and we drove 285 all the way around.

  • Oh my gid Jody! I am sorry Carter is sick and had a bad night. I am glad his fever is down. I hope he feels better quickly.
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  • Jody, I'm so sorry he feels bad!  It's terrible when you don't know what's wrong and they are miserable.  I hope he starts to feel better soon.
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    Poor Carter! Hope he feels better ASAP. :o( Hang in there, buddy!
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  • Poor baby boy!  I hope he gets better soon.  Sounds like you have really been through it.
  • Jody so sorry. Please give Carter hugs from us. I hope u r having a better day today.
  • Poor Carter (and mommy)!!!! I hope that he is feeling better!!! I have no words of wisdom b/c I'm a newbie at all this, but I hope that everything is much better today!!!
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