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Geez, BFing is soooo confusing!

Today after we switched sides, DD was latched on fine. Suddenly she spazzed, started crying and unlatched and for the life of her, wouldn't latch onto that side again! I expressed and there was definitely milk there. I tried changing her diaper, then trying again, and still, she cried and wouldn't latch onto that side. I tried her on the other side and she latched fine. What is going on?! Stick out tongue

Re: Geez, BFing is soooo confusing!

  • Sounds like my DD.  She seems to like the right side better when she acts like that.  I pump a little to make sure I'm keeping it even.  It's so weird though.
  • She may have a preference especially since one side most likely produces more milk than the other and she may not have to work as hard to get a letdown.  DS used to do that me too, but now he'll only spaz if he's really tired or not feeling well and doesn't want to work at getting milk.
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  • It gets better, I promise!
  • DD used to do that. She seemed to prefer right over left, now it makes no difference. She's still getting used to how bfing works. It will stop being confusing and she will straighten herself out Smile
  • Maybe she was full. Or maybe she'd just gotten to the hindmilk and was ticked off that she had to start again with foremilk.

    It is not completely necessary to switch boobs at each feeding. Just start the next feeding on the unused boob.

    - Jena
  • It might be that the flow is different on one side, or at that particular feeding that was a faster (or slower) flow coming from one side.
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