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Going Back to Work

Has anyone else encountered problems with taking time off for giving birth? The *very* abbreviated version of what happened is this:

I gave my bosses 6 months notice that I would like to take 12 weeks off to be with my newborn (I'm due in September) and I would like to take 2 weeks off before the birth and was basically told that she doesn't know if she can "hold my job" that long (I'm legally entitled to 12 weeks, but was told by our HR department that most supervisors are sympathetic if I need longer). Also, when I expressed concern about being able to get my infant into a day care that I was comfortable with, I was told, "you need to be more flexible...you need to work with us-you need to look at other daycare options if you want us to help you."

 Has anyone else encountered this kind of resistance? what did you do? (FYI: I've been here for 6 years and have received multiple promotions and merit increases, so I don't know why they would want to get rid of me).

Re: Going Back to Work

  • It's my understanding that FMLA is your unpaid job protection. The way my HR lady explained it to me was FMLA will guarantee your job for the first 12 weeks and SDI will give you like half your salary for that time. Then you can apply for FLA (the baby bonding one) for an additional 4 weeks at the same rate of pay (50%) and with job security. If you've been there for 6 years, I'd say you for sure qualify for this (but who am I?!!). In my opinion, it's not that your supervisor isnt being flexible...it almost  sounds like harassment (ie, if you take that much time, you cant have your job). Does that make sense? Legally, I dont think she can say that to you or do that, at least for this amount of time. If I were you, I'd get a hold of my employee handbook to double check since your work peeps arent being so helpful. Dont let them scare you into thinking you wont have a job when you get back!
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  • I had no idea bout the FLA one. Thank you!
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