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Sports Bra and BF

so i got cleared to exercise about 3 weeks ago. I've been going to the gym, trying to get back into the swing of things. I made a really bad decision re my sports bra. I decided to wear my bra from before i was pregnant. it was obviously too small . . .i was 34A and now who knows what i am. At the time it seemed like a good idea bc it was small so the support felt great.

Bad idea. Now i am being treated for what "could be mastitis" and i still have an issue with my right breast. I'm thinking it was probably caused by the small bra bc i had no issues before this.

so anyways, this is a question for you ladies who had a chest before you got pregnant (i never did). What kind of sports bra do you wear? I'm assuming i need one with more support--instead of wearing one that is too small.

Even with the one that was too small, with jumping i was uncomfortable and not supported enough. this is so foreign to me bc up until now i've always worn a sports bra bc that's what you wear not bc i really needed one. any advice would be MUCH appreciated! 

Re: Sports Bra and BF

  • I have some Nike high impact sports bras that I like a lot.  Make sure to change out of your sports bra promptly after exercising to decrease your chances of breast infections.
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  • I really enjoyed my Moving Comfort bras.  They have an adjustable strap that *could* be used to open it up for nursing.  (I never nursed in them.  I always changed back into a nursing bra after exercising to nurse.)  I got them at REI, so they were a little pricey, but soooo worth it!
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  • Ditto the Moving Comfort bras.

    And take them off right away.

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  • I got a nursing bra from Motherhood. It's not incredibly supportive, though. I don't jump or run and plan to avoid high impact until after weaning. I still work out hard, just without jumping. Kettlebells, stepping, elliptical, etc.
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    Ditto the Moving Comfort bras.

    And take them off right away.


    This, exactly. Don't wear them any longer than you have to. Amazon has them for the cheapest price, I think. 

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  • kc192kc192
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    I don't have an overly huge chest either but I ride horses for a living so I need as much support as I can for what little I have!

    I also vote for moving comfort. They're hands down my favorite sports bras for quality and comfort (and I wear sports bras pretty much every day). I've found the best deals on Sierra Trading Post. You can get them on clearance and find coupon codes. I have no idea about BF or anything yet but as far as sports bras go, they're great!

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