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I want to apologize for my response to your post yesterday.  I know you probably didn't think much of it, but it's been bothering me.  I really didn't intend it the way I think it came across.  Maybe I was feeling a little snarky or something yesterday, but I meant it in a sympathetic, sarcastic way, and I think it just came across as rude.  I'm sorry.  I know you know me and know I'm not like that, but I just feel like I need to apologize anyway.  Had I said it in person, I think the tone would have been much different.  You know I love you!

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Re: jenn&tim

  • I know you do! I prob read into it more than i should and I guess I am sorry too for reacting they way I did. I knew everyone would say what they did but I just wanted to whine a little bit. Bc as you know I want it so bad to get a little something back.....selfish of me I guess

    But you know what since I have been home today with AT and trying to interact with him as much as possible the past couple of days he has been grinning ALOT. And it is on purpose too, he just has to figure out that is what he is doing.

    Lets really try and plan something soon to have dinner. Week nights are hard for us bc we are so tired right now but if you have a Friday night free soon lets do dinner. No excuses this time!

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  • Sounds good!  I know exactly how you feel, and I don't think you should feel bad about it.  It's so hard to give so much of yourself to someone and get nothing back.  That's one of those things that's hard to explain to non-moms.  But it's only temporary, and it gets better every day.  Sounds like you're really starting to get some smiles now, that's awesome!  He'll be smiling and cooing and laughing in no time.  I remember feeling the same way, but once they start interacting with you, it's amazing how fast they learn and change.  You just gotta get out of that "little baby" phase first. 

    I agree with what someone said yesterday, that it seems like alot of the books and charts you see list milestones pretty early.  It's almost like they use the youngest side of average and tell you that's when it should be happening, when in reality it can be much later and still be considered normal.  If you look at the chart the pedis actually use, you'll be amazed at how much different it is.  For example, they have sitting at something to evaluate at 9 months!  9 months!  And that means if your baby's not sitting by 9 months there may be a problem.  But the books will make you think every 6 month old out there should be sitting.  That's when I stopped looking at the charts.

    And things do get easier as they get older, although alot of people will tell you different.  We'll plan dinner sometime soon.  Next Friday we'll be camping, but maybe the 21st. 


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