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15-25 lb gain doable?

Hi everyone!  This is my first post on the bump and I have a question for you healthy ladies :)

I'm in my 11th week of pregnancy and went for my first full prenatal checkup this week.  My doctor (midwife) is awesome and we spent a great deal of time talking about diet and exercise.  Based on my BMI, which is in the overweight range, she recommended that my optimal weight gain for the pregnancy is 15-25 lbs. She said that is is doable but that I will need to be disciplined and make sure that I exercise and eat right.  I left her office feeling motivated but then I realized: I don't personally know anyone who gained that little!  The smallest amount that I have personally heard of (from friends and family) is about 30-35 lbs, with plenty (most!) people in the 50 lb range.

I was wondering, are there any ladies on here were actually able to limit their weight gain to 25 lbs or less (particularly those who were overweight to begin with)?  Can you share anything about your experience and how you were able to stay on track?

Thanks so much.

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Re: 15-25 lb gain doable?

  • I'm on the June board, so most of us are due within the next 9-13 weeks.  I started out with a BMI of 21 PP and have gained 17 pounds thus far.  I know that some of the ladies on the board who had higher BMIs have gained less weight....most of them seem to be closer to 5-10 pounds so far, putting them on pace for 15-20 total.
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  • Bless you, woman! :)  I was really feeling discouraged today, so I appreciate that response.  I didn't even think about checking some of the other boards.  Off to lurk...!
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  • Before I got pregnant, I was 232lbs.  When I conceived I was doing a walk to run training program which had me out exercising 4 days a week.  I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 10 weeks along.  Fortunately I was focusing on eating super healthy foods at the time.  The day before I found out I was pregnant, I experienced some pelvic pain.  Once I found out  I stuck with walking.

    At the height of my pregnancy, I only weighed 239lbs and after I gave birth I was at 219.  The plus size of losing the weight was I didn't have to buy much in terms of maternity wear because I dropped two sizes while pregnant.  I never dieted, I just made sure I ate at least 5 veggies/fruit a day and cut back on fatty meats and cheese.

    The best thing for me was walking with a friend.  If you make plan with someone, you are less likely to skip out on the work out.  I just started running again and I'm finding that making plans with someone to work out keeps me on track.  Feel free to PM me anytime if you have any questions about trying to stay fit while pregnant.  I would be happy to share meal ideas and such.

     I had a midwife too.  One of the best decisions I made. 

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  • I'm not overweight- prior to being pregnant I was 5'1 115 lbs and gained maybe 25 lbs during both my pregnancies.  However I didn't do that on purpose- I just ate healthy like I always did.  Also, with both my pregnancies I had an adverision to sweets so I couldn't eat those.  With my first, I continued my same workouts during my entire pregnancy, with my second I never worked out since I had a little baby to follow around.  I also had a midwife and I will say she never weighed me she just would ask what I was eating (just to make sure her patients get enough protein, veggies, etc). 
  • I am 33 weeks tomorrow and have gained around 18 pounds, so 15-25 pounds is definitely do able.

    I have continued my normal workout routine (with modifications: running at a slower pace, and overall just listening to my body) and haven't let myself indulge too often. 

    Pregnancy only requires 300 extra calories a day max.  Which isn't much: yogurt, piece a fruit and some almonds.  Don't take the eating for two literally.

    Good Luck!!  Even if you do everything "right" you cannot help how your body responds.  Some people just gain more weight during pregnancy than others.  As long as you are living healthy and you have a healthy baby in the ends, that's all that really matters.


  • I've gained a little less than 20 so far, and I wouldn't say I've done anything extreme. I kept up my exercise and eat when I'm hungry.

    Exercise has been great - good for my weight, my emotional health / stress levels, and my body. I've slowed down since about 30 weeks, but I'm refusing to quit (even though it is tempting).

  • My coworker is overweight and only gained 10. I think she just tried to eat as close to normal as possible.
  • First of all- CONGRATS!

    Now I will tell you that unless you are having a toddler pop out of you- 15-25lb is completely doable. Placental and baby weight combined should  come to be about that. The problem is that a lot of women go " Wooo-hoo! I'm pregnant and eating for 2" or "The baby wants something yoummy" and end up overeating. BY A LOT!

    There is alot to be said for eating healthy too- it's good for the baby and what the baby will end up being predisposed to....if you eat fruits and veggies and start healthy eating habits now- your child will grow up eating healthier too...

    I am 5'9 and weighed 187 all my late teen and college years (very stable weight and was always athletic, so healthy in all ways except on paper-BMI's suck for me)

    At the beginning of pregnancy I weighed 195, at the end I weighed 215 and lost it ALL during the delivery. (AS IN- It was all baby and placenta) and really- I didn't diet and excercise out of any ordinary way, just didn't give into the whole "eating for 2" idea, and honestly- once you get to your 3rd tri- you can hardly eat- there is so little room and heartburn.... lol- so good luck- you CAN do it!

  • 15-25lbs is absolutely doable.  I gained 18lbs.  I started meal planning to eat well balanced meals.  I also worked out until the very end.  My appetite increased towards the end of my pregnancy, so I made sure I always had healthy snacks in the house (except for ice cream, couldn't eliminate that!).  My goal wasn't necessarily to not gain a lot of weight, I just wanted to make sure my body was as healthy as possible.  Good luck!
  • Thanks everyone!  These are great responses- very helpful.  It sounds like one thing everyone has in common is that they ate sensibly.  That's so encouraging to hear.  I have definitely heard folks close to me talk about how much fun it is to "eat for two" and how they can't wait to feed me.  It sounds like that mindset may be the pitfall to watch out for...
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  • I only gained 15 lbs in my first pregnancy.  I had GD and controlled it with diet and exercise.  I think the first tri m/s  helped a little, too.  It is completely doable though! 
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